We have several toilet blocks at the festival site where you can use the loo or freshen up. Staff will make sure the toilets are clean throughout the day. Also we kindly ask you to try to leave the toilet clean for the next visitor.

Pal Mundo Outdoor has a big entrance to make sure your entry will go as smooth as possible. Please note that it can get busy at the peak entry hours (between 2 and 4pm). We advise to come early to avoid a queque.

We also have a special entrance if you visit Pal Mundo Outdoor with a wheelchair. It is located next to the regular entrance, ask the present staff for help if needed. The greater part of the festival grounds consists of grass or sand. This means that, under certain circumstances such as a lot of rain, the grounds won’t be as passable as we wished for. We do not have a special platform for wheelchairs.

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