Dont use and drive, you are a risk to yourself AND others

Using alcohol or/and drugs, people are more likely to overestimate their driving skills. Do not drive when you are in this condition. In your diminished state you are a direct danger to both yourself and other people. You can kill yourself, your friends or somebody else’s friend or family. Also be aware of another danger to drivers (which is often underestimated): fatigue. The only cure is sleep. Energy drinks and other stimulants will not refresh you. Take care of your own drive home, never join a driver who is not sober. Whenever possible: use public transport. If you do go by car, appoint a designated driver well in advance, encourage and respect their promise to ‘’not-drink-and-drive’’ at the festival and do not distract the driver from driving, no matter how cool you and your friend look on that Instagram picture you took at the festival

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