First Aid

Medical aids are there to help you at any time during the festival. They can provide you with water, aspirins or band-aids if. Not feeling so well? Don’t be afraid to head over there and always be open and honest about the substances you’ve taken. The medical aid station is marked by a red cross and can be found on the right side of the main stage.

The medical aid station can be found on site and is marked by a red cross. A medical aid station is staffed with emergency medical professionals who can provide water, aspirins or plasters if you need them. If you seek medical aid, don’t be afraid you’ll get into trouble. Please be open and honest about the substances you’ve taken because it may save your life. You will not be legally prosecuted when seeing a medical aid team after using drugs, nor will the friend who brings you. If you can’t find the medical aid team feel free to ask a security guard or another crew member to guide you or call for help. If you choose to take drugs, we recommend you to tell your friend about what and how much you have taken, should they need to explain the situation to someone if you are unable to do so yourself.If you suspect that somebody is unwell due to medical issue or the use of drugs or alcohol, seek immediate medical attention. Never leave anyone who’s feeling unwell. Ask for help and stay with your friend or fellow urban lover until medical help arrives. Keep an eye out for signs and symptoms in yourself and other.

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